Past, Present and Future

Doulibat for electric cars was founded in 2018, on Egyptian bases, specializing in electric cars. With the growth of Dolibaaat, as DL has been taken as its motto, the transition has been facilitated to become a corporate organization as it is today by every member of the Dolibaat family. At Dolibaat, we believe that every employee is a family member and an asset . .that must be invested and nurtured.


Doulibat for electric cars strives to maintain its high-quality standards and stakeholder satisfaction while increasing its productivity.


At DOlibaat for electric cars, we aspire to be the ultimate destination for electric cars, and to be the name of choice across the Middle east where electric motor systems are concerned.

Corporate Values


In simple terms, we deliver what we promise. At Dolibaat for electric cars, the main principles that drive us are honesty, integrity and dependability, and this is what has given us the credibility and stature that we strive to maintain


At Dolibaat for electric cars, one of the main pillars upon which we operate is quality, in every aspect of our business. Quality is the key to maintaining our reputation as a leading seating systems company and it is what our clients fully deserve from us

Social Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility is one of the core values at Dolibaat for electric cars. We believe in serving our community and we realize our responsibilities towards their betterment. This is why we invest in societal and community services often and consider them an integral part of our business

Team Work

First and foremost, Dolibaat for electric cars is a family business that thrives on the concept that every member of its team is an asset that must be invested in and cared for. It is only through content team members that business can flourish; namely when each team member feels they are investing their efforts in what is ideally their own, and this is how we work

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